(NOW FREE!) Finding King Arthur - The Once and Future King


Here is a story of chivalry and bravery, pillage and murder, revenge and treachery, love, betrayal, and greatness. It is the brutal, twisted, and romantic tale of Britain’s last defiant bastion of civilisation, standing lonesome in the face of inevitable terror and destruction. King Arthur's epic has survived through the storms of history, inspiring whoever hears his name. Who was this legendary but illusive leading figure of post-Roman Britain? And is there any truth to his fantastic narrative?


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"Finding King Arthur: The Once and Future King" is a dramatic and exciting audio retelling of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, with a look at modern attempts to unveil his mysterious and deceptive identity.

Written by Joshua Potts, voiced by Bill Odman and produced by Medieval! Team, "Finding King Arthur" is researched directly from medieval sources and mixed with thrilling orchestral soundtracks for an incredible experience of the Middle Age's most famous tale.