We love to promote awesome brands, and sponsors allows us to continue making medieval history accessible to ordinary people! Discover our podcast metrics and sponsorship rates below, or email us at admin@medievalextras.com

Artwork for this page was kindly contributed by @g.h.erring on Instagram!

Podcast Listeners

Art work kindly contributed by @g.h.erring on Instagram!
  • Roughly age 18-44, with most listeners aged 21-29
  • 81% male, 16% female
  • Very engaged in the podcast with a close audience circle on social media
  • Many are already customers of medieval/historical themed brands and active consumers


  • On average, 2,000 downloads per week across the main platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, ListenNotes, etc)
  • 30 new subscribed Spotify listeners every day, expected to reach 40 within a month
  • We’re now starting weekly episodes uploaded on Fridays, with occasional specials to be posted on Wednesdays
  • Many of our old episodes continue to gather hundreds of downloads and attract new listeners to the podcast
  • Most of all, we pride ourselves on the personal connection and quality of our audience. A great deal of our listeners have been around since the start and are always anxious for new episodes.

Sponsorship Rates

  • Exclusive sponsorship of an episode with dedicated ad read, and shout-out on social media – £30 for pre-roll ad, £40 for mid/end-roll ad
  • Exclusive sponsorship as above + dedicated social media promotion for 1 week – £50 for pre-roll ad, £60 for mid/end-roll ad
  • Monthly promotion of all episodes within a 30 day period + dedicated social media promotion for 30 days – £125 for pre-roll ads, £150 for mid/end-roll ad

Partner with us!

We’re always happy to hear from brands wanting to promote their products and we do everything we can to accommodate each individual budget and produce the most engaging ad read possible.

Reach out to us at admin@medievalextras.com. We’re quick with responding and usually you can book a sponsorship within the next 3 episodes.

Blog Sponsorship

We haven’t figured out the details for this one yet but please feel free to email at us admin@medievalextras.com and we’ll find a sponsored post solution that meets your needs.